Garbage Clean-Up Project

Since July 2013, I've made it my mission to remove beer cans from bushes, glass bottles from sidewalks, paper bags and finished meals from the sides of roads.  I throw out cigarette butts.  At some point, even dead brown leaves and sticks, until the entire landscape of the area is left green.

Why?  Because the city was flooded with garbage before that.

Before (Dirty)

After (Clean!)

It just shocked me to see how you savages leave garbage everywhere.

Mostly I was pissed because some guy (Andrew Maninno) trashed my house, and front yard, and backyard!  It was unthinkable!  Having to clean up my own backyard, it shocked me to see that someone would actually leave his garbage all over the ground like that.  The side of my house took forever to clean!  And then I saw it everywhere around Boca Raton, Florida.  Beer bottles.  Glass bottles.  Small tequila bottles.  McDonald's bags.  Plastic spoons, forks, knives.  "Who the f&#% does this?" OUGHT to be the response to that, in the world we OUGHT to live in.

Hey, we're in 2014 now.  This is the future.  Let's make this the future that is clean and awesome-looking, not garbaged and crack dealer-looking.

Over time, I started to understand that, when you're in a hurry, and have somewhere to be, you don't always have time to stop and clean up something you just dropped, knowing it will take more than 10 seconds to clean it up.  Well, I always try to spare just a few seconds of time so that I'm not littering.  Not 5 minutes - just a few seconds to contain your own garbage.  If there's not a trash can around - there's usually one at every bus stop - then use a plastic bag from a grocery store, if you've got one on you.  Those things are the best for garbage.

Throwing garbage out the car window is a big deal.  Millions of people are doing it, and it's leaving the city flooded with garbage.

If you think you're just one guy, and it won't make a big difference, think again.  If one person has that easy-going attitude about throwing garbage on the ground, isn't it feasible that millions of people will have that attitude?  Millions of people will leave the cities all flooded with garbage.  One person can make a big difference, Hell, I'm one person and I aim to clean up the entire city that I live in.  So, as one person, you just contain your own output of garbage, that's all.  It's part of being an adult: doing your own laundry, washing your own dishes, working, containing your own laundry instead of throwing it on the ground, or out the car window.

You.  Yes, you.  You're a decent person,

so why are you throwing garbage on the

ground like this?

Don't you guys remember that episode of the Simpsons?

"Put your garbage in a garbage can, people.  I cannot stress this enough."

Do you really have to be told that to know this?

Do you not know it already?

Glass bottles of beer, thrown out the window, break into pieces and pierce bike tires.  And yes, it is enough to slice bike tires.  I should know, I've had to replace tires or tubes enough times from "something I ran over".  And what gets run over?  Stuff people throw out their car windows.  Yes, you - just keep a plastic bag in your car for garbage - not the damn ground outside!

Any time I find broken glass, I make it my mission to remove it from the area.  All you need is a small dustpan and brush, and some garbage bags and/or plastic grocery store bags.  Once, some of the garbage I found was a fresh roll of 90 garbage bags, so that was a blessing.

What do you do when you're done drinking a 20 oz. soda but don't have a trash can handy?

Well, you don't throw it on the damn ground!

You either keep it on you until you can throw it out, like a civilized person, or better yet recycle a plastic bottle, or just try to keep some grocery store plastic bags handy at all times.

Andrew Maninno:
The man who, in a way,
inspired me to do all this

Things Andrew Maninno Did

- Broke into my house, occupying it without permission.

- When I locked the door, he climbed in through the bathroom window.

- When I taped the bathroom window shut, he spent a while removing the tape from the window, and continued to climb in that way.

- He broke $80 worth of glass squares from the house's back door.

- The police, when called, said "What are we supposed to do about it?  He slept here overnight, and that makes it his legal residence.  His name does NOT have to be on the lease - all that's required is that he has slept the night here, and this house is HIS, until you go through the process of eviction."

- He splashed V8 juice all over the walls.

- "So what?" the police officers called to the scene asked me.  Definitely a Florida thing, folks.  Definitely a Florida thing.

- He destroyed the microwave.  As revenge for being evicted, he left meat in the microwave right before leaving, and it took us a long time to discover it.

- He also broke $50 worth of glasses, plates, and bowls, by leaving them in contaminated water in the sink, which he had made contaminated to begin with by never washing any dishes and yet piling them up to no end.

How could such a scumbag live like that?

He even threatened my parents with reporting them to the police for disconnecting HIS cable, on HIS TV.  And who did the police side with?  Since it's Florida - Andrew Maninno.  The police reported that, regardless of him breaking in, regardless of the door being locked and him breaking the bathroom window open to get inside, disconnecting the cable from that house is technically illegal.

This actually happened.

Regardless of the V8 juice Andrew Maninno splashed all over the walls.  "Who cares about that?  Leave it there!" the police officer screamed at me.  When I had pointed out the juice all over the walls, they said pretty much the equivalent of "It's his house now!  Hiiiis house!"  And who's name was on the lease?  Mine, but not Andrew Maninno's.  Florida has some sort of loophole that gives a person ownership rights of a house, without a name on the lease, by sleeping in it overnight.  A legal eviction is required - and it was expensive.  Even more damage done by him, even more money he had cost.

He trashed my backyard, my front yard.  It was STAGGERING to see how inhuman, how animalistic, some people can be.  What a piece of shit scumbag, to do all those terrible things - and he was never invited to live there or sleep there in the first place.  I have an ex-friend to thank for bringing him over.

3 statues I bought in Egypt, he threw into a neighbor's backyard.  I recovered the statues.  The police looked for him, but by then he was on the run.

And yet this scumbag ended up inspiring my mission to clean up the whole city - by spending hours cleaning up my own backyard, and the side of my house, from a vandal and a thief, I then took it upon myself to clean the entire city.

Some people smash glass bottles against the ground for no reason, in one of the richest and easiest regions of the planet, and some people clean up the entire city.