You Know It's Not A Virus Because

Posted by on September 30, 2014 at 11:00 PM

it would be removed from this web-site by if I were to upload anything with a virus, anything less than a cool video-game.

Mr. Triangle is actually a remake of this game I made with GameMaker in 2001, at age 13.  It used the graphics of GameMaker's default Pac-Man-style "maze" game, but added special powers from numbers 1 through 10.  GameMaker was recommended to me by my older brother Justin, who had, in 1998, at age 15, had made "Polinvaders", a Space Invaders type game with the Republican elephant taking on the Democrat donkeys.  And that was long before politics was so popular with young folks.

One of my favorite "games made by some guy" was Pac-Guy, a clever parody of Pac-Man.  But, because he made money from the sales, the maker of Pac-Guy was ordered by the makers of Pac-Man to cease and desist Pac-Guy.  Pac-Guy had enough unique differences, I felt, to get me pissed that it would be banned for similarities, especially since it clearly identified itself as a parody.  Pac-Guy would only move while the arrow keys were being held, and built up ammo to fire from the large dots.  Many secret passageways were waiting to be found, and there was enough story going on, and enough humor, to warrant its existence.  But someone got mad and had it taken down.  So it re-emerged as Pea-Guy, a green talking pea, and the games were redone.  So I figured, Mr. Triangle could be a way to bring back the old "Pac-Man with powers" idea.

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