Who Am I?

I'm John A. Deering, that's who.  I write books.  Writing is what I've been into my entire life, since I was a little kid.

But there's plenty of other John Deerings having other books published, who are not me.  Beware of these other John Deerings.  They are dangerous, and will try to confuse you.

Top 10 Things Written By Other John Deerings

"GOD was She a Man, or is He a Woman?: The politics of religion (Reminiscences and observations of John Joseph Deering)"

"Jewish World Review" (some other John Deering)

"Lee and His Cause or the Why and the How of the War Between the States"

"Pompeiana: The Typography, Edifices and Ornaments of Pompeii"

"Probation Practice and the New Penology"

"Real Lawyers Do Change Their Briefs"

"Strange Brew" (comic strip/political cartoon)

"Team on the Run: The Inside Story of the Linda McCartney Pro Cycling Team"

"What Else Works?: Creative Work With Offenders"

"Zack Hill" (comic strip)

Also, that video on Google of John Deering on the interstate highway.  Not me.

John Deering the Baseball Player (in 1903)

John Deering the Football Player (2010)

John Deering the Political Cartoonist - Strange Brew

John Deering the Businessman

John Deering, Author of "Team on the Run: the Inside Story of the Linda McCartney Pro Cycling Team"

John Deering, Serial Killer who died in 1938, in an experiment where his heart was measured to study the effects of fear on the heart regardless of outside appearance.  Deering donated his skeleton to science, to be seen inside schools, so that he could get a good education.

Finally, there is always:

John Deere Tractors.

Absolute Proof That My Play Really Does Exist

I Once Spent A Year And A Half Arguing With People About Its Existence
(And, yes, the word is spelled "its" without an ' in that context.)


Absolute proof of the "From Boca to Broadway" theater project being real.  Ticket sales.


This article in the Sun Sentinel covers the program.  "A lighter skit deals with the frustration of losing a dollar in a soda machine."  That was my play!!  SodaCorp.

Another play made a mention of gymnastic girls "getting their sponsorship from SodaCorp".  That was cool. :-)

This is the photo I took to make the cover photo above.  I took this photo of a tree outside a hotel.